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Website Development

We help you realize the effective ways of running your business by taking versatile technlogy and building websites to suite your business domain.

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Mobile App Development

We bring your brand to the handset of your clients with execeptional user experience. By exploiting intelligence-driven technology research and insights with industry-leading mobile app development technologies , we ensure your brand is trusted, and business oriented and To-The-Point.

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Software Security

We build software with the extreme security measures and best practices in pursuit of making your brand secure from malicious intend.

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3 Years of Experience

Software Development

We assist with empowering procedures and business results by distinguishing and meeting client, employee and business needs through innovation. By figuring out where to put your efforts, technology turns out to be better situated to empower feasible change.

Perfect Solution that your Business Demands

We streamline your business operations using tech. We build systems that suites your business domain.

Exceptional User Experience

We build systems whose interactivity captures the eye of the customer. Its how we build bonds with clients.

Stay relevant in the competitive environment

Our services not only a competitive edge but also they provide the resources to deliver tangible results.

IT services built specifically for your business. Find Your Solution

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IT Experts.

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Tech solutions for your Brand.

We create solutions which give you, your team and clients the ability to have a seamless and highly connected communication environment and replace their casual guess works with data driven insights. You don't have to transform alone, let us help you Craft the solutions and Integrate them into your business.

Blinx Corporation was founded in 2020 by Benson Makau.

Benson Makau Managing Director

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  • Help Your Business Win and Grow!

  • Web App Development

    We turn your dream business web application into a reality. It's what we take pride in.

  • Mobile App Development

    We make it possible to run your business at your finger tips.

  • Hosting

    We guarantee 99.9999% availability. Host your software with us.

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IT Services Customized for Your Brand

We custom tail software to meet your business domain. It's our objective to automate your business processes.

  • Web App Development

  • Mobile App Development

  • API Design & Implimentation

  • Database Design & Implimentation

  • Hosting

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  • Financial

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The Software Development Agency

We are an agency devoted to ensuring your business processes are automated. We build software to make your business a success.A happy customer is a loyal customer.

Software Development



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